Group Members

Unity is strength.

Interesting in joining our group? We are always looking for motivated people to join and have fun in our lab. 

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Current Group Members

Antoine Deblais

Principal Investigator

Rosa Sinaasappel

PhD Candidate
Project: Active Polymers in complex environments 

Twan Hooijschuur

PhD Candidate 
Project: The mechanics of entangled living worms 

Evelien Woning

MSc Student 
Project: The surface tension of yield-stress fluids 


-Isac Chin, MSc Student, ESPCI Paris, 2023.

-Camille Benarroche, MSc Student, IMT  Nantes, 2022.

-Louison Laruelle, MSc Student, ESPCI Paris, 2022.

-Carmen Van Poelgeest, BSc Student, University College London, 2021.

-Andrea Feasson, MSc Student, University of Paris, 2021.

-Tess Heeremans, BSc Student, University of Amsterdam, 2021.