Projects and publications

Drops, bubbles and jets

-Viscous effects on inertial drop formation

Antoine Deblais, Miguel Angel Herrada, Ines Hauner, Krassimir Velikov, Tijs van Roon, Hamid Kellay, Jens Eggers, and Daniel Bonn.

Physical Review Letters 121, 254501, 2018 | [PDF]

-The dynamic surface tension of water

Ines M. Hauner, Antoine Deblais, James K. Beattie, Hamid Kellay, and Daniel Bonn.

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letter 8, 7, 1599–1603, 2017 | [PDF]

-Dewetting of thin liquid films surrounding air bubbles in microchannels

Sepideh Khodaparast, Omar Atasi, Antoine Deblais, Benoit Scheid, and Howard Stone.

Langmuir 34 (4), 1363-1370, 2018 | [PDF]

Active Matter

Point-like particles

-From collections of independent, mindless robots to flexible, mobile, and directional superstructures

J. F. Boudet, J. Lintuvuori, C. Lacouture, T. Barois, A. Deblais, K. Xie, S. Cassagnere, B. Tregon, D. B. Brückner, J. C. Baret, and H. Kellay.

Science Robotics 6, 56, 2021

-Light-switchable deposits from evaporating drops containing motile microalgae

Marius Bittermann, Daniel Bonn, Sander Woutersen, and Antoine Deblais.

Soft Matter, 2021 | [ArXiv] | [PDF]

-Boundaries control collective dynamics of inertial self-propelled robots

Antoine Deblais, Thomas Barois, Thomas Guerin, Pierre-Henri Delville, Rémy Vaudaine, Juho Lintuvuori, Jean-Francois Boudet, Jean-Christophe Baret, and Hamid Kellay.

Physical Review Letters 120, 188002, 2018 | [PDF]

Active polymers

-Chromatographic separation of active polymer-like worm mixture by contour length and activity

T. Heeremans, Antoine Deblais, Daniel Bonn and Sander Woutersen.

Science Advances 8, 23, 2022

-Rheology of Entangled Active Polymer-Like T. Tubifex Worms

Antoine Deblais, Sander Woutersen, and Daniel Bonn.

Physical Review Letters 124, 188002, 2020 | [ArXiv] | [PDF]

-Phase Separation by Entanglement of Active Polymerlike Worms

Antoine Deblais, Daniel Bonn, and Sander Woutersen.

Physical Review Letters 124, 208006, 2020 | [ArXiv] | [PDF]

Complex Fluids

Polymer solutions and filaments

-Predicting thickness perception of liquid food products from their non-Newtonian rheology

Antoine Deblais, Elyn den Hollander, Claire Boucon, Annelies E. Blok, Bastiaan Veltkamp, Panayiotis Voudouris, Peter Versluis, Hyun-Jung Kim, Michel Mellema, Markus Stieger, Daniel Bonn, and Krassimir P. Velikov.

Nature Communications 12 (6328), 2021

-Self-similarity in the breakup of very dilute viscoelastic solutions

Antoine Deblais, Miguel Angel Herrada, Jens Eggers, and Daniel Bonn.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 904 (R2), 2020 | [PDF]

-Capillary thinning of elastic and viscoelastic threads: From elastocapillarity to phase separation

Heleen Kibbelaar, Antoine Deblais, Federica Burla, Gisje Koenderink, Krassimir Velikov, and Daniel Bonn.

Physical Review Fluids 5 (9), 092001, 2020 | [ArXiv] | [PDF]

-Pearling instabilities of a viscoelastic thread

Antoine Deblais, Krassimir Velikov, and Daniel Bonn.

Physical review letters 120 (19), 194501, 2020 | [PDF]

-Taming contact line instability for pattern formation

Antoine Deblais, Rim Harich, Annie Colin, and Hamid Kellay.

Nature communications 7 (1), 1-7, 2016 | [PDF]

-Depletion forces induce visco-elasto-capillary thinning of non-Brownian suspensions

Rim Harich, Antoine Deblais, Annie Colin, Hamid Kellay.

EPL 114 (5), 58006, 2016 | [PDF]


-Creep and drainage in the fast destabilization of emulsions

Riande Dekker, Antoine Deblais, Bastiaan Veltkamp, Peter Veenstra, Willem Kegel, and Daniel Bonn.

Physics of Fluids 33 (3), 033302, 2021 | [PDF]

-Deposits from evaporating emulsion drops

Marius Bittermann, Antoine Deblais, Simon Lépinay, Daniel Bonn, and Noushine Shahidzadeh.

Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-7, 2020 | [PDF]

-Emulsion Destabilisation by Squeeze Flow

Riande Dekker, A Deblais, KP Velikov, P Veenstra, A Colin, H Kellay, and Daniel Bonn.

Langmuir 36 (27), 7795–7800, 2020 | [PDF]

-Spreading of an oil-in-water emulsion on a glass plate: Phase inversion and pattern formation

Antoine Deblais, Rim Harich, Daniel Bonn, Annie Colin, and Hamid Kellay.

Langmuir 31 (22), 5971-5981, 2015 | [PDF]

-Stringiness of Hyaluronic Acid Emulsions

Heleen Kibbelaar, Antoine Deblais, Krassimir Velikov, Daniel Bonn, and Noushine Shahidzadeh.

International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2021 | [PDF]